Plasma Power

Our CNC plasma cuts up to 1.5" thick carbon steel (edge start) and is capable of a 1" production pierce. We can also cut stainless steel (3/4"), aluminum (3/4"). Any carbon steel thicker than 1.5" can be cut with our oxy-fuel torch.

High-Definition Accuracy

Our CNC plasma uses advanced processing technology to deliver accurate parts with minimal to no dross or taper. State of the art nesting software allows us to minimize material waste and save you money.

Production Speed

With an extensive part library, an experienced staff, and the speed of plasma cutting, we can offer fast turn around times for your rush jobs in order to keep you and your customers satisfied.

Oxy-fuel Power

Our oxy-fuel torch is capable of cutting extremely thick carbon steel accurately. When plasma isn't powerful enough, our oxy-fuel torch will power through thick metal with ease.

Plasma Gallery