Cut Anything

Rubber, plastic, metal, wood, stone, paper composites, carbon fiber, untempered glass, the list goes on. It would be easier to list what we can't cut - tempered glass and a few certain types of ceramic. All up to nearly 6" thick and cut with extreme accuracy!

Stay Cool Save Time

No heat affected edge or thermal distortion. All machining is done with a single setup so feature locations are more accurate and part production is faster. Cut even polished and reflective materials - don't try this with a laser.

KMT Power KMT Reliability

Our 60,000 psi KMT pump provides our clients with assurance their projects will get done on time and that our services will be ready and available when you need them.

KMT 60K Pump
WJ Cut Quality

Cut Quality

Determining cut quality is an important factor in determining cost. The image to the left represents the edge quality as well as accuracy of different cut speeds. Q1 being the least expensive and least accurate and Q5 being the most expensive and most accurate. Most of our work is done on Q3.

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